The Manxter DualSport Kit

The Manxter 2+2 was created as an answer to the limitations of the classic-style Meyers Manx. The success of the original Meyers Manx occurred primarily because of its simplicity. The new Manxter 2+2 addresses these limitations. Keeping the look and character of the old original, but with a more modern touch, was essential yet years of experience with the early Manx paved the way to a newer and better car.

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The Manxter DualSport Kit

Postby Winnie Meyers » Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:03 pm

The Manxter DualSport is a serious off-road machine for up to four passengers, fusing hard-earned Baja experience with the practical amenities for street-legal use. The kit has been designed to be used with your full-length IRS VW chassis from either a Beetle or Super-Beetle. The body is 3" taller than the standard Manxter to allow for longer wheel travel.

The kit price is $8,545.00 and includes the following parts:
    Fiberglass Body
    Fiberglass Hood & Air Box
    Two-Piece Dash w/Glove Box in textured black fiberglass
    Fiberglass Shock Covers
    Dash Panel (gauges not included)
    Turbo Side Mirrors
    Proprietary Six-Point Steel Top Support Cage
    Side Intrusion Bars
    Rear Trans-Horn Mount
    Type I or Type II Transmission Mount
    Proprietary Steering Assembly (steering box not included)
    Head, Tail and License Plate Lights and Turn Signals
    Most of the Necessary Fasteners and Hardware
    Front "Meyers Manx" Emblem
    Serial Number Tag

Standard Body Gelcoat Colors: Dragon Red, "Just Right" Yellow, Lime Green, Orange Sherbet


Custom Solid Color Gelcoat: Add $200.00
Standard Metalflake Color: Add $400.00
    Apple Red, Canadian Blue, Gunmetal, Shimmering Sand
Custom Metalflake Color: Add $600.00

PRP Cage Covers w/foam padding & zippers -- available in colors: $399.00
PRP Front Suspension "Premier" Seats in Highback or Lowback
    Vinyl w/color options: $289.00 each
    Euro Tweed or Velour w/color options: add $20.00 each
    Velvet & Pleather w/color options: add $30.00 each
    Pockets on rear of front seats: $45.00 each
    Adjustable Headrests: $70.00 each
PRP Front Suspension "Competition" Seats: $329.00 each + fabric upgrades as above
Rear Fiberglass Bench Seats (not upholstered) w/mounting hardware: $315.00
Rear Bench Seat Cover to match: $135.00 + fabric upgrades
PRP Front Adjustable Seat Tracks: $175.00/pair

Side Curtains w/hardware: $900.00 Available in black, white, tan & colors

Aluminum Rear Skid Plate: $175.00
Aluminum Front Bash Plate: $145.00
10-20 DOM Top Support Cage Upgrade: $175.00*
Proprietary Mid-Travel Front Suspension Sub-Frame & Front Assembly: $2,000.00
10-20 DOM Front End & Sub-Frame Assembly Upgrade: $2,125.00*
Mild Steel Front Bumper: $410.00
10-20 DOM Steel Front Bumper Upgrade: $445.00*
Mild Steel Rear Bumper: $450.00
10-20 DOM Steel Rear Bumper: $495.00*
Nerf Racks (raw steel side storage racks): $300.00
*10-20 DOM option limited to supply on hand; wait time may be extensive

Hanging Pedal Mounting Assembly: $145.00
Hanging Pedal Dashtub (fiberglass) available at no extra charge

Meyers Manx Gear Shift Knob (aluminum): $40.00

Fiberglass Hardtop w/mounting kit
    Black or white: $650.00
    Tan: Ask for price

Fiberglass Radiator-Wing w/mount
    Primer: $440.00
    Standard Color: $515.00
    Custom Color: $570.00
    Metalflake Color: $625.00

Fiberglass Radiator-Wing w/mount, Airbox Exchange
    Primer: $320.00
    Standard Color: $390.00
    Custom Color: $495.00
    Metalflake Color: $550.00

Fiberglass Turbo Pipe Cover
    Primer: $50.00
    Standard Color: $55.00
    Custom Color: $60.00
    Metalflake Color: $65.00

Bruce Meyers Signature Wheels
Package Deal: $995.00
See information in "Manxter Accessories"

Prices subject to change without notice

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