Manxter 2+2 Bare Bones Kit

The Manxter 2+2 was created as an answer to the limitations of the classic-style Meyers Manx. The success of the original Meyers Manx occurred primarily because of its simplicity. The new Manxter 2+2 addresses these limitations. Keeping the look and character of the old original, but with a more modern touch, was essential yet years of experience with the early Manx paved the way to a newer and better car.

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Manxter 2+2 Bare Bones Kit

Postby MeyersManx » Sat Jun 04, 2011 2:15 pm

The Bare Bones Kit is aimed at providing the DIY buggy builder with all the basic parts to get the Build started.


Price: $5,895.00

Parts Included:
•Fiberglass Body in Primer White
•Fiberglass Hood with Associated Hardware & Pinchwelt
•Fiberglass Air Box & Gas Spring Assembly
•Fiberglass 2-piece Dash with Glove Box & Instrument Panel (instruments not included)
•Fiberglass Windshield Surround assembled with glass
•6-point Steel Top Support System with Side Intrusion Bars
•Transmission Mount for Type I or Type II
•Lights: Headlights, Turn-Signals, License Plate Light, Taillights.
•Turbo Side Mirrors
•“Manxter 2+2” Rear Emblem & “Meyers Manx” Front Emblem
•Serial Number Plate mosnted on body
•All Body Support Bracketry, Fasteners, Hood Hinge, Hood Latches, Glovebox Hinges
•Instruction Manual
•1-Year Complimentary Manx Club Membership or Renewal (member number will be assigned)


PRP Cage Covers w/foam padding & zippers -- Available in colors: $399.00
PRP Front Suspension "Premier" Seats - Highback or Lowback
    Vinyl w/color options: $289.00 ea
    EuroTweed or Velour w/color options: add $20.00 each
    Velvet & Pleather w/color options: add $30.00 each
    Pockets on rear of front seats: $45.00 each
    Adjustable Headrests: $70.00 each
Rear Fiberglass Bucket Seats (not upholstered) w/mounting hardware: $335.00
Rear Upholstered Bucket Seat Covers to match: $200.00 + fabric upgrades
PRP Front Adjustable Seat Tracks: $175.00/pair

Sidecurtains w/hardware: $900.00
    Black, white, tan & colors

Aluminum Read Skid Plate: $175.00
Aluminum Front Bash Plate: $100.00
Polished Stainless Steel Front Bumper: $475.00
Polished Stainless Steel Rear Bumper: $525.00
Nerf Racks (raw steel side storage racks): $300.00

Meyers Manx Sidewinder Exhaust (hot-jet coated)
    1 1/2" for engines under 2 liters: $295.00
    1 5/8" for engines 2 liters+: $300.00

Fiberglass Hardtop w/mounting kit
    Black or white: $650.00
    Colors available; prices vary

Sidepods (primer): $525.00
Vented Sidepods (primer): $565.00

All pricing subject to change without notice
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