Meyers Manx DualSport Chassis

If your a building a quality buggy like the Meyers Manx then you want a quality chassis to put it on. After many years of frustration trying to find the right solution Meyers Manx is proud to release the Meyers Manx Range of Chassis to suit all products.

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Meyers Manx DualSport Chassis

Postby Brad Connell » Sat Dec 13, 2014 4:31 pm

The Meyers Manx DualSports Buggy is aimed squarly and allowing owners not only the freedom a standard buggy gives but also the extra benefit of being able to handle the rough and tumble of offroad usage in some pretty arduous conditions.

Like all the Meyers Manx Floor Pan we start with a clean CA Titled Pan with the DualSport pan ,however, we start with a pre 1975 Super Bug ( Strut Beetle) floor pan. By doing this it allows us to utilize a base pan which is readily available and not often used and also capitalize of the slightly different frame head construction and thicker front tunnel section.

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